This 100 m2 apartment in Tallinn, sits in a two-story wooden building. The desire of the owner-inhabitants was to create a healthy and environmentally friendly home for their family, which gave us an opportunity to participate in an extremely exciting process.

Previously a 2 bedroom apartment, this full renovation transformed the space into a modern and high-quality 3 bedroom apartment. Vilmsi project is also the most healthy and eco-friendly project we have completed to date. With a focus on materials, both inside and outside of the walls and floors, natural finishes and fabrics, low VOC paints, LED lighting, we also gave preference to Estonian products over international suppliers. The result is a visually modest home, full of invisible decisions, all promoting a better future.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Area: 100 m2
Client: A visionary family of 4
Photos: Nicolas Pratt