About SEES

SEES is an Interior Architecture studio celebrating elegant, simple, comfortable and durable designs. Our refined palette of modern materials and natural textures create interiors, which seek to celebrate the experience of space and life within it.

The word “SEES” is derived from the native language of a small country far up North, called Estonia, and translates to inside. Estonians appreciate their homes, as it is where we spend most of our time due to long, cold, snowy winters. Home should be a retreat from the hustle and bustle of 21st-century modern life, where you can relax and feel safe.

That`s exactly what SEES aims for. 



By  understanding our client’s aspirations, our aim is to bring warmth and functionality to the living environment.

Colour consultation We work with each room to produce a colour scheme that is consistent and harmonious.

Furnishing We source unique statement pieces from furniture to art in order to create the perfect space.

Space planning We can provide an improved layout for your home, that would increase the functionality and flow of a space.

Kitchen design A kitchen needs a well thought out design to accommodate all activities. SEES can help you to transform your kitchen into a charming and practical space.

Bathroom design The bathroom is unlike any other room in the house. Having a beautiful, functional and stylish bathroom can enhance your everyday life.

Tuuliki Širokova

Tuuliki is an architect from the tiny Nordic country of Estonia, periodically visiting Melbourne, Australia.

Studying architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts and at the Aalto University in Finland, Tuuliki had the good fortune of working very closely with one of the most natural - and our favorite - materials; wood.

Tuuliki has worked in Stuttgart for Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei and for Swiss Porperty, specialising in high-end residential, retail and commercial designs. Returning to Estonia In 2014, Tuuliki started working as a freelance architect on renovations and extensions. From there SEES was born ...

Photo: Renee Altov